Secure Cloud Services

The A5 Cloud gives your business the ability to reduce IT costs without sacrificing the potential for future expansion. Costs associated with aging hardware, power and security of your data are removed from the equation to reduce overhead in your business. By placing your server infrastructure in our Cloud, you gain higher level physical security, disaster recovery, and the ability to pay-as-you-go when it comes to the server resources you need. A5 offers Cloud services in both of our secure, FISMA and SSAE-16 certified data centers located in Bloomington and Peoria Illinois. Your information is kept local in Central Illinois for easier administration and lower costs.

Dedicated Servers

While the cloud offers many advantages for IT workloads, there are still scenarios where dedicated servers and related resources are a better solution due to specialty applications, security or performance issues. Because of that A5 offers Dedicated Servers where you get physical exclusivity allowing you to deploy your resources on your own terms. Plus you still get the advantage of our Tier 3 data centers and other related services at a fraction of the cost.

Virtual Servers

A5 can help companies avoid IT capital costs by deploying virtual servers and related resources while providing enhanced flexibility and scalability. By deploying onto A5’s enterprise-grade infrastructure our clients can take advantage of our data center and IT infrastructure and only pay for what they need. Although users may share a host server, resources are isolated giving each user control over their own environment including administrator access and dedicated IP addresses.

Storage Hosting

A5 provides a highly durable and inexpensive way to backup critical data off-site to comply with your regulatory needs including HIPAA, SOX or your own Business Continuity plan. Our solution leverages multiple data centers, with a dispersed object-based storage platform that ingests your data, slices it into multiple pieces, encrypts it, and then disperses it across the multiple data centers. Think of it as “Geographic RAID with encryption”. This allows for simple scaling as well as high resiliency as your data can be reassembled even if an entire site was lost. It is also highly secure as your data has been sliced up, encrypted and dispersed so all slices would have to be acquired and the encryption broken to compromise your data.