Business on Technology

Learn more on how we can assist you with the business Information Technology concerns listed below. For specific information on your company’s needs, please contact us.

Corporate Data Security Program

Security issues relating to the physical, personal, communications, emanations, hardware, software and procedural concerns should be at the top of your company’s priority list. Major components of a sound security program include the integration of corporate policies and procedures relative to the access and use of corporate data.

We provide solutions to these concerns and expertly review your current operating environment providing solutions to data integrity concerning back-ups, viruses and hostile infiltration.

Procedural Automation

We will review your current operating procedures and, taking input from our bank of highly respected technical staff, define, recommend, propose, and implement the solutions to automate the procedures.

From simple word processing macros to complex accounting and database retrieval systems, we have the solution! Remember, system automation means never having to retype anything!

Executive Information Systems

Corporate executives are far too busy to learn each and every program their staff uses. Now with the press of a mouse button, see how you can review the status of all the ongoing projects, accounting information, online services and stock market updates!

Problem Resolution

Software questions? Hardware conflicts? Don’t know which? The ability for our consultants to diagnose, troubleshoot and resolve PC- related problems is unsurpassed!

Network Installation and Support

Specializing in Microsoft networks, we have installed hundreds of servers, trained hundreds of network administrators and continue to support small and large networks.

From 5-user local area networks to thousands of users on a wide area network, our consultants provide expert network management, wireless network installation, administration and support. From the end-user call for assistance to assisting your current IT staff, we are here to help!

Computer Education

For a complete list of software, hardware and network courses, please call. We provide individualized and group training on all major software packages, as well as PC repair, network administration and more!

Hardware and Software Recommendations

Unbiased recommendations of software and hardware solutions are our forte. We are not a Novell Gold Reseller, Banyan VAR., IBM business partner or Microsoft reseller. We remain independent to choose the best for our clients!

Informational Databases

CD-ROM, optical storage devices and database servers, whether stand alone or integrated, we will work with you to provide the best solution for your corporate needs.

PC Sales and Repair

We use top national distributors, not retailers, and pass the savings on to your business! Send us your computer shopping list and we’ll provide you with competitive pricing.